Want simplify your life uniform

want simplify your life uniform

Yes, I do want to simplify my life! Most people I meet say yes to that idea. But I don't really want to wear a proper uniform, as in a UPS person.
My high school hallways were like a fashion show catwalk. boring and imposed fashion, a uniform can be a great way to simplify your life and even express.
My ' Uniform ' Style Has Simplified My Life (PHOTOS). By Simone Kitchens So why wouldn't I want to repeat it the next day? These are the...

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You would buy many separates that were mix and match to simplify dressing them. I sort of do that—cooler weather: skirt, tshirt, cardigan, boots. If you need business attire I could see you adding more variety to your uniform. Pink and yellow overalls, here, with cute turtles etched into the front flaps. My jeans fall into the same category—all the same brand, cut and style. The simplicity of a uniform is the comfort and knowing that you are dressing to please both yourself and to communicate who you are to the world. I remember a film with Peter Cook wearing red socks and I always have a little frisson of something when a man wears red socks………..

He was and always will be the embodiment of all that is wrong with Silicon Valley specifically and the high tech world in general. I've worn a uniform a good bit of my life. Comfy skirt and t-shirt. I have thought I might someday build around navy, grey, and black. But figuring out what works took me a little time. Gray pants with a beige top and a black jacket. Or maybe he purchased them himself online and had Amazon Prime next day delivery. On top of everything, I have a little bag with stockings or socks in it that would go with the outfit. I have t-shirts in black, white, royal blue and a couple others in color. Same type and color shirt, same color casual blazer, jeans and black shoes. This should be stuff that that fits you well and you feel comfortable wearing.

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I so want to do this! I like to play with clothes and try new things. I really love the idea of wearing different versions of the same outfit each day…not only because it makes those decisions simpler and lets me focus my mental energy elsewhere but also because it gives me freedom to wear what I love without feeling like I need more variety.

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