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Christina Price's pug spent one Halloween dressed up as one very cute cow. Insert "maybe they could do a better job than the real ones" joke here: Jessica Flaitz shows us a cool commander in chief, guarded by two Secret Service agents who are all business, right down to the shades and earpieces. I just thought of the idea, and it's so adorable.

It turns out that Jason's favorite part of this costume is its long tail. Nearly every style shopping best budget wedding dresses high was picked up at a Goodwill. We go to our local sushi product tiere welt animals every month to get Hudson his favorite california rolls. Susan Lynn via Facebook. Carolyn Raineri's dogs, Jada, Scarlett and Lola, are ready to follow the yellow brick road dressed as the leading characters from "The Wizard of Oz. We have group Halloween costumes for favorite cartoons and movies, periods of history, costume types, and even the hottest pop stars. I thoroughly enjoyed making that costume. Of course the part she's most excited about is the cake, so we decided to make this costume out of a plastic laundry basket with the bottom cut out, wrapped in fabric and stuffing, with a glittered tp roll on top for a candle. They also had little chickie yellow booties, and I sewed more feathers around the tops of. Facebook via Wendy Fitch. So anyway, I like making the costumes myself because I'm so picky. Well, for me this is very true. PLUS, he loves that show much. OrangeRoom Snow White and the Evil Queen. Dressed up as Superman, Johanna Parker's English bulldog is ready to rescue. Getty Images, Jeff Dharpercole halloween costume ideas Photography.

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